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CrossFit Freesol's Legends Program

CrossFit Legends Program

A bespoke fitness program for West Berkshire Seniors

Do you want to increase your independence and strengthen your body, but aren’t sure where to start? Our Legends Program is designed for people 60 years and older who want to get  or stay fit, meet new people, and have some fun!  Previous workout experience is not necessary!

Our Legends classes are held daily at 11am from Monday to Friday and are specifically designed to promote health and fitness for people over 60.  The program will help you maintain or regain strength, endurance, balance, agility, and mobility.  In designing this unique program, we’ve combined the benefits of yoga and functional movement.  Three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will focus on balance, agility, and mobility training at low intensity.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will use weights and functional body weight movements to improve your strength and endurance.  With very small class sizes, our coaches will act as your individual personal trainer, ensuring you learn and progress at a pace that is safe and effective for you.

Come give our program a try for free.  Join a group of peers and our dedicated coaching team to get your body and mind moving!  Make new friends and become a member of the CrossFit Freesol Tribe!

Our Legends Program will increase your independence through:

Member Testimonial: Eimear

On the 4th March I came across a Facebook post about CrossFit Freesol. My stars must have definitely been aligned that day because not only did it register with me, and not only did I check it out, but I actually followed all that up with booking a discovery session! I mean, seriously, if you know me well, or even at all, you'd know that's astonishing! It was obviously meant to be ... like I said, the stars and all that!

I'm now approaching my fourth month of CrossFit Freesol, and what a difference I'm already noticing. Not gonna lie, the first 2 weeks were crippling (hardly surprising, considering how utterly unfit I've been following a head on car crash in 2016 and 2 operations for cancer in 2019), but I got fantastic encouragement from my fellow crazies to keep going and how glad I am that I followed that tribal wisdom.

Member Testimonial: Peter

Did my first Crossfit class today. It was tough, but I managed to get through it.

Thank you Cara Partello and Tim Partello , your instruction and encouragement helped a great deal.

Now if I could just work out how to get off that bike !!!!



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