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At CrossFit Freesol, we are mission focused on your success. These aren’t just words. Our mission is to provide you with the very best fitness experience in Newbury (meaning results, fulfillment, happiness, achievement, accomplishment) by combining a community of supportive, humble, hardworking, accountable, like-minded people with the highest standard of individual coaching in every workout at every session, every day.   This isn’t a gym, or a boot camp, this is a lifestyle.

Whether you want to sharpen up and live a healthier life, you’re pretty fit but want to improve your game, or you dream of competing at the CrossFit Games, our team and our tribe will enable you to achieve your goals. We promise you that we are different from every other fitness ‘experience’ in Newbury, and we challenge you to try us out. Decide for yourself. Let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed.


Thank you so much for the coaching session. It was so so useful. You are so patient and really take the time to break the moves down into small parts which help so much to understand how it should be. Thank you also for taking the time to listen to my concerns and encourage me that anything is possible. Looking forward to being on my fitness journey with you.

Absolutely loving CrossFit Freesol, it’s making me want to get up in the mornings, even when on holiday! In particular the coaching and technique guidance is fantastic – it’s really starting to ‘click’ already – and I am getting those ‘lightbulb’ moments!. I also appreciate the way you modify and scale things for me that really helps. The variety of activities is great – I’m not that good at ‘same old same old’ so the mix up is fab. Tim and Cara are so awesome, their energy, commitment and enthusiasm is amazing.’

I started CrossFit as a mental and physical attempt to be fitter and generally more able to cope with the day-to-day activities of life. I had played badminton since an early age so thought I was fit, and I tried the regular gym too but didn’t really know what I was doing or what I needed to do to be better than I was. Like many, I’d seen CrossFit on TV and YouTube and was amazed at the variety of people who were taking part.

Very early on I met Tim and Cara as fellow athletes. Two people who were immediately friendly and open and were amazingly helpful with pointers on more than just form. They helped me to understand what the real limitations I was facing were and work on things that helped overcome them, suggesting when I should increase weight or back off and concentrate on form. I got into doing the competitions too, including an inspiring one with 6 of us working as a team doing movements many of which we’d never done before. Tim and Cara were instrumental in not just overcoming the challenges of the workouts, but in making sure we all had fun doing it together. Tim got his level I qualification alongside Cara and immediately the passion and intensity of helping people, not just me, really started to shine through. I noticed people start to make improvements, one thing at a time, where Tim would use his knowledge of the fundamentals to drill in to the Olympic lifts, the metabolic conditioning and the gymnastics. Seeing the elation on a young lad’s face when he got his first proper pullup with tweaks from Tim was second only to the proud look on his Mum’s face. In November 2020, I picked up a leg injury that 3 months later I’m still working through. I thought I would be side-lined until I could move properly again. Tim and Cara were super quick and accommodating, modifying workouts so I could do more than participate – I could continue to grow and work on the things I could still do correctly while doing rehabilitation work on the leg. It wasn’t a nod to the injury – they truly cared about my wellbeing, not only modifying and adapting the workouts for me, but coaching those modifications whilst coaching the rest of the group through their workouts too. The zoom sessions during lockdown have been a massive mental boost and the choices Tim and Cara have made in the programming along with the way they share not just the workouts but the intentions of them offer a first-class variety and challenge for all levels of athlete from the very new to the competition level. Working with Tim and Cara and the Freesol Tribe has given me personally a huge boost in the capacity I have for workouts which transfers to everyday life – whether that’s moving the heavy equipment I use for my work around the house (or take to customers) or not being as tired all the time. The mental aspect of being made to feel part of a team has helped during the toughest of years. With guidance and encouragement from the tribe, I’m almost back to my pre-injury capacity. I can honestly say that through Tim and Cara’s guidance I’m better today than I was yesterday and I know I can continue to say that every day for many years to come. I might still not like burpees, but everything is work in progress!

Crossfit Freesol is amazing as they aren’t just for those in shape and who can do all the movements, they cater for those like me who are trying to get into shape and have scaling options for any movements I can’t do. The community and comradery in CrossFit Freesol is my favourite part as even though for some workouts I might be coming last, everyone is very encouraging and you feel like you are part of a family.

The ability to use Wodify to track my workouts, see what workouts are happening not just the next day but the whole week is brilliant as it allows me to plan any other exercise or activity, I might be doing that week and allows me to see my progress. It also allows me to be competitive against my previous self and those doing the WOD that day. The advice not just about movements but about nutrition, recovery, mobility and mindfulness sets Crossfit Freesol apart.

CrossFit Freesol isn’t just for the athletes. When I started Crossfit two years ago I was massively out of shape and was overweight due to my sedentary lifestyle and bad eating. These last two months with Crossfit Freesol and despite being in lockdown, I wake up looking forward to my time doing that days’ WOD. I now do three days of Weight Training and WODS every single week and run three of the other days. Challenging my body in a different way every day both from fitness and nutrition has got me in the best shape of my life and my journey is continuing. The community in Crossfit Freesol become your friends and they hold you accountable, inspire, and motivate you. The coaches and members make this box what it is, and it wouldn’t be as amazing if it weren’t for such great people. If you are looking for a gym where you can sneak in and out without being noticed, this isn’t the place for you. But if you are looking for a family where you can meet some really great people from all walks of life, push your limits every day, and get in the best shape of your life, come check it out. I promise you won’t regret it!!

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