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On October 9th six of our athletes travelled to Fairthorne Manor in Hampshire for a team competition that would span over 4 different events and include 37 teams competing on the day.

Our team competed under the name of “Full Send Freesol” implying they would give everything they had to each event and they sure lived up to that name.

Expectations were modest going into this event, the standard of competition and the challenge of the events was fierce. However after an 18th place finish in event one the murmurs began of “We can finish in the top half!?”

Event 2 quickly came round and Rosie and Ryan made a splash (literally) in the Paddle board event and took a solid 9th Place. Meanwhile the rest of the team were taking on a 4.5km trail run through the woods and past the river and crossed the line in unison taking a another comfortable top half finish of 16th!

Event 3 is where the heavy weights came out to play. After a team effort of Assault bike sprints, the guys half of the team lined up to hit a clean and jerk complex whilst the girls were going to take on the snatch complex. This event really displayed the focus on quality we have in coaching and training at Freesol. The scores were tallied up and it was a very respectable 9th again for the team in the lifting and 11th for the Assault bike sprints!

After the first three events the athletes sat eating lunch and reviewed the overall standings to see they were indeed in 11th overall. The goal was then clear going into event 4, a top half finished switched focus to a top ten spot.

Event 4 was a gruelling 21 minute workout where teams had to chip away at an incredibly long list of exercises with little to no rest as 2 of the team were holding 60kg / 40kg sandbags whilst trying to catch their breath! Despite the challenge this was Full Send Freesol’s main triumph of the day. Only a mere 7 reps shy of finishing the whole workout and a solid 7th place reward for their effort. The communication and team work really showed in this event and embodied the community spirit that CrossFit Freesol empowers every day.

The scores were counted and the team had done it!

A tenth place finish and a delicious pub meal capped off a fantastic day for Full Send Freesol. A day full of nerves, sweat and most importantly laughs. 

CrossFit competition can be daunting but it really is open to everyone! It’s a fantastic way to test your training in a supportive fun environment surrounded by your team mates!

Until the next one!



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