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Seminar: West Berkshire Injury Clinic

West Berkshire Injury Clinic delivered an excellent seminar this last Sunday (15th May 2022).  We were pleased to have them back to share their knowledge with members of CrossFit Freesol.

Andrew & Martin shared details on the psychology of being injured/dealing with an injury, using a a pneumonic to help – R.E.C.O.V.E.R.

R – Rest.  This doesn’t mean stop. It’s time to move in a way that your injury permits you to or reduce the intensity for active recovery.

E – Evaluation.  Assess your injury, get it looked at by a professional for the best advice on how to tackle the road to recovery.

C – Connect.  Injuries can make us feel isolated so it’s important to talk it out. Connect by coming in to sessions still, be with us to help support you. One tribe ❤️

O – Opportunity.  Use the injury to work on your weaknesses. For example, If you’re suffering from a lower body injury, use it as your opportunity to build in any upper body weaknesses.

V – Visualise.  Remember that injuries affect your mental well-being, as well as the physical. Looking at how you will get better, and what better will look like will help.

E – Eliminate Fear.  Don’t let the injury scare you off from doing the movement/activity that you were doing. The coaches are here to help you, to work on form and help prevent it from happening again.

R – Return.  Returning back to a normal can sometimes feel like it couldn’t come sooner. It will happen, and you have to be kind to yourself on this journey.

Thank you Andrew & Martin



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