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Resilience – be the best version of you, the resilient you.

You only need to listen to the news to realise the World is a complicated place right now. It’s not easy for many.  We are still recovering from the pandemic, bills are on the rise, inflation, and even war in Europe!

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, worried about our jobs, our bills, our loved ones.

Now, more than ever, we need to act, we need to be more resilient.  Not tough, not hard, but resilient.  We need to handle what life throws at us, take the knocks, and bounce back.

Being healthy and having a support system of people who understand will help you to be more resilient.  Your physical health matters, being surrounded by people that care matters.

CrossFit is a great place to start.  Get healthy, be part of a community, and have coaches that will assist you on your fitness journey.

Be the best version of you, the resilient you. If not just for ourselves, but for those around us.

CrossFit Freesol member Stephen has produced an awesome video on this very topic.  We invite you to watch it.  



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