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Powerlifting Classes

Our powerlifting specialist, Diwas has been coaching powerlifting since 2018. During our weekly Powerlifting Class, you will receive focused personal coaching to refine your technique in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. These powerlifts are the foundation of all Olympic lifting and of picking stuff up in day-to-day life! The workload and intensities are set for the session. You can choose to focus on a specific lift or have Diwas assess you and assign you work to help you progress.

The limit of what you can learn is only set by you! It does not matter where you are in your lifting journey. Regardless, if you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, Diwas will help you progress your strength and skill.

Whilst these power lifts may be simple on the surface, they are in fact very complex when you break it down. The only way you will learn are by repetitions, good repetitions! That is much easier to do with a pair of eyes watching! So come join in on the fun to get strong in a relaxed, fun group environment.

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Our Powerlifting Coaches


I have been coaching since 2017. I started going to the gym when I was 15 years old, to build muscle after having been seriously ill. I have always been interested in the science behind the gym ever since I started training. This is how I ended up at Chichester University studying Sports and Exercise Science and then going on to do a Masters in Strength and Conditioning. At first my training was focused on getting strong for the sports I played (American football and rugby). But, as I progressed in my Masters, I fell in love with training which led me to find powerlifting. I love the science around it and I am still as excited to read new literature as I was when I first started.

During my time coaching in powerlifting, I have taken on a number of athletes, both males and females, ranging from complete beginners to elite (1 x first place Worlds (AWPC), 1 x first place European (AWPC), 1 x first place British (ABPU), 3 x 2nd place British (GBPF). I have also worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for many teams in sports such as rugby (University of Chichester Rugby Team, First team), football (University of Southampton first-team footballer), sailing (students under the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme at University of Southampton), netball (Surrey Storm Academy) and athletics (Optimising performance for sports).

My coaching style is simple, I help you understand why we do things – I find this is the best way of properly reinforcing good lifting behaviours.



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