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Movement Exploration Workshop 13 May by Kuba Jurza

Movement Exploration Workshop, 13th of May, 1-3pm

We’re delighted to announce we are hosting a Movement Exploration Workshop by Kuba Jurza on 13 May, from 1 to 3pm.

Kuba Jursza is a professional movement teacher, soft tissue therapist and personal trainer specialising in handstands, calisthenics and acrobatics based in Southampton, UK.

His training began in 2006 when he dived into a mix of disciplines such as Parkour, Calisthenics and Acrobatics. Being self-taught and learning most of the physical skills on his own – makes Kuba a competent teacher, capable of breaking down advanced skills into more accessible moves. Kuba truly believes in the quality of movement and its benefits for health, longevity and sustainable practice full of fun.

In this workshop, you will be encouraged to try different movement exploration tasks.  You will be guided through a variety of fun movement patterns and skills – varying difficulty and plenty of progressions will allow you to learn at your own pace while being able to find joy in this movement experience.

The aim of this workshop is to equip you with the basic elements of floor locomotions, floor work, and soft acrobatics (AKA easy, yet challenging funky adultobatics). You will gain practical tools to build your own enjoyable physical practice that’s playful, grounding, and meditative. We will strive to move with ease and control.

During this workshop, basic elements and methods from floor locomotions, floorwork, and soft acrobatics will be introduced and integrated. You will gain tools to make your physical practice playful and learn to move your body more effortlessly and consciously.

Floor locomotions – the first section will be mainly focused on moving on all fours in funky and creative ways. We’ll explore crab walks, bear crawls, and many other movement patterns. This will lay out a solid foundation for the next two sections.

Floorwork – introduction to several gentle rolling techniques and further exploration of modified floor locomotions that allow for more creativity and freedom of movement.

Soft acrobatics – this is my favourite section! I will introduce you to the world of low-impact soft acrobatics like cartwheels, more rolling, and how to break down more complex movement patterns in a safe and accessible way. Even though this part might sound a bit scary, especially for someone without acrobatic background, all participants will be able to work at their own pace and fitness level.

Each section will consist of three parts: isolation, integration, and improvisation . This means that we’ll start by learning individual moves, then start working on building movement flows and sequences, and finally, we’ll learn how to improvise with those skills working towards grounding flow states.

Everyone will be encouraged and supported to gently step outside their comfort zones to learn new skills and sequences. Above all, the aim is to have a lot of fun, learn to move in unique ways, and get creative with our bodies.

‘I really enjoyed Kuba’s workshop this morning & I am grateful to have had the opportunity of meeting such a friendly, skilled & very funny coach! so many helpful tips to take away & work with, I highly recommend, no matter what your level you will be made to feel welcome and learn something’ – Maria

The Movement Workshop is available to members and non-members, cost is £45.  Sign up using the link below via Wodify.

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