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Mother and Daughter compete in the Age-Group Quarterfinals of the CrossFit Games 2022


This weekend, CrossFit Freesol members Nikki and Lottie both competed in their respective Age-Group Quarterfinals of the CrossFit Games 2022.

Congratulations to the Mother & Daughter duo who both achieved PRs whilst taking part!

Mum, Nikki, came 304th overall in her age group.

Meanwhile, daughter Lottie, who only started CrossFit a year ago, came 55th in her age group!

Lottie is catching up with Nikki, matching Nikki’s back squat on the day, and closing in fast on her strict press and deadlift.

In Nikki’s own words: –

“And that completes the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals for another year! I can confirm the individual QFs are way more brutal than the age-group QFs and the age-group are way more fun if you get to do them alongside (and against!) your training buddy and total badass daughter. We both got some PRs and she beat me in 3 out of 5 workouts, but on two of those she had teen-scaled weights so I make it at least a draw! 😀 Her progress in one year is incredible and her grit and competitiveness is awesome to watch. There is only one other person I know like that…….😄.  We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of: CrossFit Freesol, Coach Sacha, and Deka Comp”

Congratulations to both of you
You are both amazing and aspiring to everyone at CrossFit Freesol



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