CrossFit Newbury

Loreta’s Life Changing Discovery

I want to say huge thank you, for Cara and Tim, you are amazing, I’m so happy that I found you, you are changing my life (I never thought that I would wake up at 6am just to visit the gym).

It’s already 2 months that I’m here with you and the rest of you highly motivated people, it’s an incredible feeling to be part of this tribe.

I’m scaling my improvement by not how much weight I lift today, but how many times I heard “Loreta what you doing?/ Loreta leave it/ Loreta stop!” In a sense to make sure it’s done right.

Now I will come to the classes even happier, with a bigger smile especially that I see my country’s flag every time, when it’s getting hard.


Thank you so much for all of you!



07546 659894


Pelican Lane
Newbury RG14 1NX

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