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Freesol Legend Peter’s Health MOT Revelation!


One of our CrossFit Freesol Legends, Peter, recently had a Health MOT.  Discover his surprise in his own words: –

I joined CrossFit Freesol in June 2022 to improve cardiac fitness and improve strength and flexibility in the yoga classes.

In early October 2022 I had a Cardiac Assessment. This is an annual medical check following a heart attack in early 2019. The assessment compares recent test results to previous years and makes recommendations concerning lifestyle.

The feedback I received was as follows:

Blood pressure: Towards the lower end of normal

Fat content: Much reduced – I am now burning fat and not storing it

Salt content: Much reduced

Bone density: Almost doubled. Due to the weightlifting programme.

Weight: Reduced by 3kg. Apparently, I’m converting fat into muscle despite the fact I’m eating more.

BMI: Reduced. Another advantage of the weight loss

Waist size: Reduced by 2 inches

Cardiac function: Greatly improved

Overall, the nurse described the difference in the 12 months since my previous assessment as “astonishing”.

Overall, the nurse described the difference in the 12 months
since my previous assessment as “astonishing”.

She attributed the improvements to my participation in the CrossFit Freesol programme.

The fact is that until I was told by the nurse how good the improvement was, I didn’t know how good the improvement was.

I’m actually in a whole lot better shape than I thought I was. And I already thought I was in better shape. And, there’s stuff they didn’t measure like how much better I feel (self esteem, sense of achievement, purpose).

Thank you to the coaches, who encourage and support me and to my Freesol friends who inspire me to do that little bit extra and don’t mind teaming up with the OLD GIT.



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