CrossFit Newbury

CrossFit Open 2023 Friday Night Lights

Every Friday night throughout the CrossFit Open 2023, there will be a throwdown at 7pm.  There will be NO 7pm class on Fridays during the Open.  Instead, we will put on a spectator event where some members of the CrossFit Freesol Tribe will compete under the lights in front of the Tribe. This year we’ve asked some of our most capable athletes to put on a show for all of us. 

Our Line Up for this year:

23.1 The Battle of the Morning Crew 17/02/2023 @ 19:00
Kate Phillips and Gwen Brackenbury, Gregg Robertson and Gareth Williams

23.2 The Fittest Freesol 24/02/2023 @ 19:00
James Paisley and Lottie Absolom

23.3 The Partner Showdown Finale 03/02/2023 @ 19:00
Yiota vs Kostas, Ryan vs Rosie


Turn up with a drink and cheer on your mates!



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