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Congratulations to Team Full Send Freesol

CrossFit Freesol Tribe members Ryan, Nikki, Sacha & Rosie joined together on Sunday 20th March 2022 as Full Send Freesol.  They took part in CrossFit Nidus Teams Winter Throw-down competition.

Hosts CrossFit Nidus, based in Stonehouse Gloucestershire, ran the event with mixed teams, of 2 Females and 2 males, competing across a series of 3 workouts and a final.

Congratulations to team Full Send Freesol who, on their inaugural competition as a team, grabbed a place on the podium and came 3rd overall in the competition.

Well done guys, you were awesome

The competition consisted of three WODs and a final, as follows:

WOD #1

For time, relay style:

Female + Female

50 Cal Echo Bike

Partner holds sandbag (Overhead)

Male + Male

50 Cal Echo Bike

Partner holds sandbag (Overhead)

All together

25 Synchro sa devil’s press (22.5/15kg)

25 Synchro down ups

WOD #2

7 min to find max SNATCH

1 min transition

7 min to find max CLEAN & JERK

WOD #3 A+B

A: 10 min AMRAP

Max calorie row

B:  10 min AMRAP

20 pull ups

20 wall balls

20 toes to bar

20 box jumps

Final workout

30kg and 40kg loaded barbells

8x 15’ rope climbs

40 deadlifts whilst partner holds at top of DL

6x 15’ rope climbs

30 power cleans whilst partner holds front racked barbell

4x 15’ rope climbs

20 STOH whilst partner holds barbell OH

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