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Charlotte’s Fitness Journey: “My life before and since joining CrossFit Freesol”

We asked CrossFit Freesol member Charlotte to share her experience of CrossFit Freesol and the Freesol tribe. Discover Charlotte’s fitness journey in her own words:-

I’m a busy fulltime working mum. 

Like many people, during the pandemic, I was transported into a home working environment.  My home became my office overnight. 

At first, I thought this would be fine. But then I realised I was really isolated and moving less and less, becoming more and more sedentary.  I would walk from my home office to the kitchen, eat a snack, then back again, spending all my time sat behind my computer.  I realized I was doing nothing to promote my health and an awful lot to harm my overall wellbeing.  Making matters worse, as a mum, my life outside of work was all about running after my kids and their exciting clubs, swimming, football, music etc.

What did I do for me?

Well, not much really.  I knew I needed something that was just for me.  I needed a hobby or a club… something just for me. 

I needed to see people face to face; people who weren’t going to judge me, people who would support me.

Unfortunately, I’m not getting any younger (duh) and I was starting to feel it in my body and my mind. I was really uncomfortable (understatement of the year) with my inactivity and missing something to do, just for me.

Then a friend of mine, Alex, who was already a member at CrossFit Freesol messaged me.

She said, ‘Come along. You won’t regret it’. I was so nervous and despite her reassurances, I couldn’t believe a gym like this even existed let alone in Newbury, just down in the town centre!

It has taken me a while to change my mind-set. But everything about CrossFit is mind-set.

I was one of these people that said. I can’t! I never will! Don’t be stupid! 

But I’ve done it. I’m sold. I’m a convert! The coaches are amazing.

They teach you the right way and are right there helping you achieve and cheering you on. The other members, my dear friends… to say they are supportive, well that’s understatement number two!

And I’m learning! Yep! At 45 I’m learning something new. 

I’ve stopped eating junk, reduced the booze, and am making progress, every day, towards a better version of myself. 

I’ve learned that I can do things I never imagined I’d be able to do. It feels amazing. Consistency pays off. If you enjoy something stick to it. Set a goal and work towards it. There will be ups and downs. 

This is Freesol, a place where you can fail, try again, and achieve.

We call ourselves a Tribe. It’s a privilege to be part of this Tribe. I now have that place for me, with people who will always support me.

Now, once a day, I leave the laptop and the house, and I join my tribemates for the best hour of my day!

I only wish I joined sooner. 

But I always said I will be fit at 50. So, I’m definitely on the right track.





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